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This month we recognise World Mental Health Awareness Day. Tying into this year's theme of 'mental health for all', our Post of the Month introduces the important topics of young people's mental health and wellbeing during the pandemic. The report presents the results from the researcher's survey of young people and we chose it as our Post of the Month because it engages with the current issues of the lifting of lockdown restrictions and returning to school. We also enjoyed reading the researcher's reflections on their own experiences and their interpretations of their findings.

Body image is already acknowledged as an issue faced by many young people, including myself who has struggled with the way I look for a while. However, I felt that lockdown added another dimension to my already prevalent worries, as I had seemingly endless time to criticise myself, and paired with the constant stream of fitness plans and new diets from social media, I knew I wouldn't be alone in feeling like this. Therefore I thought that this would be an insightful topic to base my first piece of research around, as eating disorders and similar issues were already so common in young people, and it has been interesting to see how coronavirus had left its mark on this too.

I would like to continue this topic later on in my research as it is clear that there has been an effect and I would like to see if the pattern continues now lockdown restrictions are changing. I plan to hold more intimate interviews and more questionnaires to shed light on the issue in a way that displays the effects that it holds, and would like to work with the researchers to get this heard by people who can address this officially.

Mimi – Survey Results Write Up


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